Why Data Security in the Cloud is a Worthwhile Investment?

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Data Security Cloud Minneapolis

Conducting business using online services offers numerous benefits as long as sensitive data is kept secure. A serious data breach can mean the end of a business. Even if an organization had a great data backup plan in place, there could be debilitating penalties for failing to adequately protect client information from cyber threats. Data security is vital for the following reasons plus many more.

Firewall Protection Isn’t Enough

In recent years, tenacious hackers have increased the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks at an alarming rate. Adequate security measures aren’t the same today as they were in the not-too-distant past. Firewall systems, for instance, need to be free of vulnerabilities and must be used in combination with a variety of cloud security strategies.

The Threat of Ransomware

Free anti-virus software programs don’t prevent threats the way they used to. Ransomware is just one of many common types of cyber-attacks that can cause disaster. If a ransomware attack gets through your security hurdles, it will mean that your data is encrypted, locked, and inaccessible. Hackers promise to return data in exchange for wiring money or bitcoins to an anonymous account, though data is usually lost forever even to those who pay.

Mobile Device Management

It’s normal for employees to use their mobile devices to conduct business, but devices need added protection from cyber threats. Losing your phone can mean that your personal data and valuable work data ends up in the hands of cybercriminals.


One of the more effective types of protection from cybercrimes is the use of encryption. Just in case your computer is hacked while you used a public Wi-Fi network or a weak password is figured out by cybercriminals, your sensitive data may stay safe if you used encryption in the cloud or on-premises at work.


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