The Top IT Problems Small and Mid-sized Businesses Face

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IT Problems

If you run or own a small-to-medium-sized business, it’s easy to think the extent of IT problems business owners face is proportionate to the size of their brand. But that concept is far from the truth. Reality tells us that most SMB issues revolve around technology, which can be an overwhelming task for any up-and-coming business leader. 

Zero1zero’s experience with SMBs has helped build a steady foundation for them to understand the many ongoing and equally increasing troubles many small-to-medium businesses have with IT. Clearly, there is an array of problems small businesses face with tech, but the leading ones are as follows: 

The wider the choices for IT solutions, the more confusing it can be to select, continue, and make the most of which IT services and functions to acquire and keep.

With a large number of options present in the cyber market today, it’s important to have the guidance and tools needed to remain relevant and stay ahead of your competition. Knowing what the latest IT trends also help you make informed decisions as to how your business can better grow. Managing infrastructure complexity also continues to—as the name implies—become more complex as each day passes. 

This reality becomes especially true for small businesses that have a tiny IT group or a one-person tech guy. 

Products that are no longer supported by the manufacturer can be taxing and costly

When it comes to IT systems, manufacturers often stop supporting products they’ve produced after some time. This is referred to as “end of life.” When business leaders don’t know how long they’re getting a product for, or how long a product is designed to last, this can cost them tons of cash; sometimes even put an end to the whole business. For instance, thousands of companies were said to have been exposed to regulatory mandates and security threats after Windows no longer supported its Windows 2003 variant. 

The budget for IT staff and software aren’t getting any larger but their tasks are

Among many things in business, the most resource-consuming dynamic can be IT. Information technology calls for a lot of funding in that people, time and equipment have to consistently be updated. It takes a lot of finances to efficiently and effectively complete and support IT-associated undertakings. For any business, the range of enterprise applications keeps growing. This places more pressure on IT systems and professionals alike because the demand to deliver is strong. 

When a company makes use of outdated IT infrastructure, it may not have the horsepower or the flexibility to hit business targets and deliver new features. This means that flexing new functionality demands for upgrading IT systems. Moreover, handling a broad set of IT features and systems also call for talented tech personnel who understand how the equipment work. Many times, it’s the smaller companies that struggle keeping up with demands like these. 

Having the perfect amount of flexibility to guarantee a business’ IT system can be draining

 Just because your IT system is proportionate to how big (or small) your business is, doesn’t mean it will stay that way for a long time. Businesses that are especially data-intensive will keep demanding an evolving and equally growing IT infrastructure as well. This only means entrepreneurs have to choose the perfect system that best compliments the functionality your business needs. It’s also just as important to make sure that you’re not over-emphasizing certain IT apps over others, as this can be costly, too. 

Making sure technologies are seamlessly integrated can be time-consuming

We live in a world where apps and features are connected to each other. The challenge here is making sure that these apps all function and compliment each other. Making sure security is kept in place is also just as crucial. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, whether starting or not, and you’re beginning to question how far your present IT infrastructure can take you—not to mention your current IT staff—don’t hesitate to reach out to Minneapolis’ leading IT company: Zero1zero!

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