How Cloud Computing Is Changing Your Business

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Is Your Business in the Cloud yet?  It should be, here’s why…

Small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners and management continually look for ways to compete with larger enterprises. One way is by utilizing cloud management services. The Internet (i.e., “the cloud”) can deliver a multitude of computing services, including networking, software and analytics. Today we focus on the benefits of your business storing data in the cloud.

As your company grows, data growth is inevitable. The question then arises: how to expand storage to accommodate this growth? The most cost-effective option is to secure it with a cloud storage provider.

Benefits of Cloud Data Storage for Your Business:

Cost-Effective and Scalable

By securing your company’s data in the cloud, there’s no need to plan, design and purchase hardware (and software compatible with your existing systems) to reconcile with data growth. One low monthly payment addresses all your storage requirements. Your enterprise only pays for the storage it needs. If at some future time you need less, you’ll have the flexibility to reduce your monthly fee.

Less Risk & Bother

With cloud storage, there’s no need to fret over accounting jargon like fixed assets, capital equipment or IT equipment depreciation. The operating expense of data storage in the cloud is relatively low. Thus any impact on cash flow is nominal compared to pricey on-site infrastructure.

Should income go south (God forbid!), your company won’t be burdened with stiff monthly payments for equipment and services performed by a cloud storage provider. Do you really want to spend precious company resources researching and purchasing a centralized network-attached Storage (NAS) device? Didn’t think so.

Redundancy & Backup

Zero1zero uses multiple data centers and multiple servers to keep your company’s data secure and accessible. It’s obtainable whenever you need it, at any time. With our cloud backup services, your organization will have access to a dependable and secure backup. You can take advantage of our data duplication and compression (think zip files) services to make your data more secure and data retrieval more efficient.

Easily Restore Data

Once upon a time, data restoration was a lengthy and stressful ordeal. The recovery and restoration of data from a network hard drive is often a convoluted and lengthy process, requiring the attention of an IT professional. Cloud data storage eliminates any stress or worry associated with this operation. Data recovery from the cloud is easy, straightforward and quick.

Why Choose Zero1Zero for Cloud Managed Services?

Our mission is to be your trusted IT partner — a managed service provider offering tech solutions customized for your business’s specific needs.

Zero1Zero’s Cloud Services lets you put data and applications on scalable platforms, allowing your business to run at optimum efficiency.

Serving SMBs in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities metropolitan area since 2006, we offer comprehensive technical services that stimulate growth and productivity. With our proactive approach to cloud network services, your organization receives customized tech solutions for a fixed monthly fee.

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