Data Center Backup Plymouth

If knowledge is power, data is the book. It is the source of knowledge. By understanding how to read and analyze different forms of data, a business or organization can improve their operations significantly. For example, they can use production data to see which processes should they improve. They can also look at industry data to see the movement of customer demands. Or they can use customer information to make the right marketing materials. This is a valuable resource that should be protected with data center backup Plymouth.

Due to the importance of data, there are a lot of risks and threats identified with it. These risks can lead to losing data. This is seen by the public as incompetence which leads to further scrutiny of the company. They will then lose the trust of their customers which of course leads to financial losses.

Statistics show that 29% of businesses who lose data eventually lose revenue. 40% of these businesses lose more than half their revenue. 

This highlights the importance of data center backup Plymouth as it protects not just the sensitive information the company holds, it also protects their capacity to earn.

Today, there are a lot of risks and threats faced by companies when it comes to their data. This includes:

Malicious Programs

There are programs on the internet that are designed not only to steal information and data, but to delete them as well. These programs are commonly known as computer viruses, Trojans, or malwares.

While antivirus programs provide a frontline defense against such risks, data center backup Plymouth provides a last resort defensive measure in order to guard against potential attacks from these programs. 

If infected, a computer can spread the virus throughout the network; this means all computers in the office would be at risk. If data and files of the infected computer are backed up, a solution can be to wipe the computer clean and reformat it. Systems will then be restored using the data safely stored in the data center at Plymouth.


An example of a very dangerous type of malware is called the ransomware. This has been constantly targeting companies in the past few years. Basically what it does is it infects a computer or network then holds files “hostage”. It creates a security protocol around certain files and data so users can no longer access them. The program then sends a message that in order to regain access, the user would have to pay a certain fee or else it will delete the files.

More often than not, even after the fee is paid, the program deletes the data anyway. It will then try to infect other devices in the network and repeat the process. Again this highlights the need for data center backup Plymouth.


These are people who normally create malicious programs and benefit from them. They also create viruses and other means to infiltrate corporate computer networks to gain access to their wealth of information. 

Hackers would then try to sell the stolen information to others who can benefit from it. Or, they can use the same information themselves in order to gain money or achieve their goals. 

Unforeseen Disasters

One of the biggest reasons why companies would need data center backup Plymouth is because anything can happen. Accidents can happen which destroys or wipe out office data. A natural disaster can occur such as flooding, earthquake, and fire to name a few which could eliminate the entire office systems and information. 

By having data backed up in a different location, even if the worst does happen, the company does not have to start from scratch. They still have their valuable information which they can use to restore and regrow the organization.

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