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In today’s modern environment where technology is at the forefront of businesses, data has become the most valuable resource. There are many different types of business data and all of them can be used in order to improve the overall performance and revenue of the company. However, if they lose them, they can face severe consequences such as losing money. This is why it is important to protect all the information housed by the company using different data backup storage Plymouth techniques.

Having a backup of important data should be a no brainer. If something happens to the original source, then the backup can be used to replace it. And there are a lot of things that could happen due to the wide range of threats and risks present today.

The internet, for example, harbors some of the biggest threats to data such as viruses, Trojans, and other malicious programs. Not only are these designed to steal data, but to compromise or erase them as well. This is why having data backup storage Plymouth can be very essential to a business.

Types of Data Backup Storage Plymouth

Now there are several ways a company can backup their data. This includes:

External Storage Devices

This is probably the simplest and most straightforward way an organization can perform data backup storage Plymouth; and most employees may already be doing this anyway. Basically this involves purchasing external storage devices such as USB drives or hard drives. These devices are then connected to a computer that has data that needs to be backed up. The user would then copy the files to backup and place them into the storage device. The external storage device would then be kept somewhere else such as a drawer or cabinet. 

Companies can opt to create official procedures for this type of data backup storage Plymouth. They can note when employees should do this and what storage devices they should use. The procedure should also note what types of files and data should be prioritized for creation of backups.

One of the problems with this process however is the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Manually setting up the storage devices and copy/pasting files is a tedious process.

On top of that, external storage devices are risky as well. If they get dropped or any accident occurs that leads to the hard drive getting damaged, the data inside would get compromised.

Not to mention there is the risk of losing the external storage devices or these getting stolen.

Internal File Servers

A type of data backup storage Plymouth that reduces the risks and problems faced by external hard drives is creating an internal file server for the office computer network. All computers are inherently connected to the server so users can create copies of their files and data into it, thus creating backups.

However, this is still not without its own risks. For one, if a natural disaster occurs such as a fire in the office, flooding due to a storm, or an earthquake, all the data inside the office can be destroyed; including the backups inside the file server.

At the same time, an internal file server is susceptible to viruses and malwares as well. If an end-point device in the network gets infected, the entire server might get infected as well.

Online Data Backup Storage Plymouth

In order to address all the problems faced by the previous types of data backup storage Plymouth, Zero 1 Zero Innovations created a cloud-based backup system. This system can be accessed by selected employees and would work in the same way as an internal file server. The main difference is that instead of the files being kept in on-location servers, they are sent to cloud-based servers.

There are many advantages to this such as speed, access to files, and automation settings. In short, using our cloud-based backup system, you are able to eliminate or at least mitigate the risks to data.

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