Cybersecurity Tips to Block Cybercriminals

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Cybercrime is continuously on the rise due to its potentially massive profits and minimal risk for cybercriminals. Without adequate cybersecurity, businesses of all sizes are vulnerable. Cybercriminals use basic and advanced technologies to discover easy targets and monetize what is stolen. To cut potential losses, establishing defenses against cyber-attacks should be a top priority for every business owner. The following are cybersecurity tips that can help protect your data and IT infrastructure from cybercriminals.

Expect and Prepare for Cyber Attacks

In a 2018 survey of IT and security experts, nearly 80% said their companies had been breached by cybercriminals within the previous 12 months. Just less than half of those same professionals felt confident of knowing if cybercrime had occurred or being able to identify data accessed in a breach. Even fewer, at 39%, felt they would be able to discover the source of a breach. The good thing about knowing the seriousness and likelihood of cyber threats is that you are better equipped to prepare by bolstering your company’s cybersecurity.

Strengthen the Weakest Links

The most vulnerable point in any cybersecurity system is the least-informed/ least careful employee. It is estimated that every single day, there are 80 billion malicious scans. Employees are constantly used as gateways for cybercriminals through such common means as phishing, ransomware, and new malware. In addition, an estimated 780,000 records are lost to cybercriminals daily.

To help ensure adequate protection against cybercrime, provide all staff members with cybersecurity training and education. Include true graphic tales of cybercrime, such as incidents involving ransomware, which is among the most difficult cyber attacks to recover from. A ransomware attack, as an example, might lock legitimate users out and display a screen that demands money in exchange for restored access. Payment through untraceable bitcoins is usually part of the scheme.

Utilize a Proven Cyber-Defense System

Multiple layers of security are needed to keep the growing number of cybercriminals from doing harm. Similar to the way a bank’s money is protected by a secure vault and a multitude of other security measures, your data is only truly secure with a multi-layered cyber-defense system. All sensitive data should be encrypted, which, of course, includes customer and employee details. Backup is as critical as encryption in any cybersecurity plan.

Protect Against Hardware Theft

If mobile devices are used in business, your cybersecurity system should include protection of hardware. Use a tracking system, in case a device is lost or stolen. Be sure login capabilities can be shut down, in the event a mobile device goes missing. Cyber-attacks primarily occur when digital information is accessed via the Internet, but stolen devices can also be used.

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