What is a Colocation Data Center?

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What is Colocation Data Center

Data center colocation service offers the infrastructure, power, cooling, physical security, bandwidth, etc. while the clients provide both servers and storage. Today, many colocation data centers are expanding their portfolio in order to extend managed services that back their client’s business initiatives.

Colocation facilities offer continuity, scalability, and security for data, applications, and systems and frequently provide access to the most innovative data center technology while preventing the need to build, manage and staff in-house server rooms or data centers, thus giving clients the potential to focus on their business.

Benefits of Colocation Services

  1. Economies of scale
  2. More redundancies
  3. Security
  4. Expert 24/7 Support
  5. Business continuity

Economies of scale

The large scale of colocation data centers will allow you to benefit from sharing power and space. Colocation data centers can be more cost-effective than owning your own data centers. If you are placed in a geographic region where real estate prices are high, colocation data centers will be able to provide reasonable space.

More redundancies

Colocation data center services are extended to different customers. These facilities offer a number of multiple solutions in order to accommodate the needs of your organization. You will generally get multiple ISPs with different varieties of bandwidth support. You will be provided with a wide range of options and also have access to other solutions if in case one of them fails.


Colocation data centers provide several layers of technical and physical security. Better cameras, technology and security staff provide an enhanced level of protection than what you can afford on all by yourself.

Expert 24/7 Support

Every time an issue comes up in your data center, you will be totally responsible for it. This indeed can be a huge challenge for small businesses that have limited infrastructure experience. With colocation providers, you can get experts who can help you 24×7.

Business continuity

Colocation data centers protect your data against disasters such as flooding, fire, etc. These data centers also take precautions to ensure that the hardware does not get overheated. The temperature in the data center is centrally controlled by air-conditioning and cooling systems prevent the temperature from reaching dangerous levels. To ensure redundancy, you can also choose to have your data stored in two data centers, meaning two different locations far away from each other. All these measures will allow your employees to continue working from a temporary location if a disaster occurs.

With all these benefits, you need not spend too much time wondering how to get in touch with a colocation data center provider. At Zero1zero Innovations, we are aware that small businesses are frequently loaded with managing their IT in-house. These small companies and even bigger companies will eventually turn away their focus from business operations as they will have to deal with maintaining, updating and integrating technology. All these tasks can be managed by an efficient colocation data center provider. Zero1zero Innovations will provide a team of highly skilled IT consultants and engineers who will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting your IT infrastructure, thus helping you increase productivity and profitability.

Zero1zero Innovations is ready to work with you and understand your technology requirements in order to get your business running efficiently and quickly.

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