Traditional Landline VS Business VOIP Service West St. Paul

A traditional landline phone has always been present in companies based in West St. Paul for decades. It allows the company to communicate internally as well as externally to customers or other service providers they need to coordinate with. Essentially, the phone is the ultimate tool for communication. And while it does its job well, a new technology has come out which provides an alternative for organizations in Minnesota and all over the world; business VOIP service West St. Paul.

VOIP services or Voice Over Internet Protocol are making waves in various industries across the state. It provides an alternative to the tried and tested technology of the telephone and improves upon it. A lot of organizations became curious and made the switch to business VOIP service West St. Paul. So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The nature of VOIP is that it can allow audio calls through the internet. If a stable connection is available, the user can make calls. And because it uses the internet, there is no need for additional phone cables. This leads to numerous advantages for VOIP such as:

Advantages of using Business VOIP Service West. St. Paul

Business VOIP Service West St Paul

Lower Cost

Probably the most intriguing part about business VOIP service West St. Paul for decision makers is the fact that it has a lower cost as compared to traditional services. Side by side, the cost per minute for calling someone using VOIP is lower compared to phones; and the savings ramp up to 90% cheaper if the calls are international. Since it uses the internet, calling someone within Minnesota or someone halfway across the world is the same for VOIP services.

At the same time, organizations get to cut costs by going with a single internet provider rather than having an internet provider and a telephone provider. Since VOIP goes through the same line as the internet, that’s all the office would need.

Hardware is another area where companies can save by going with business VOIP service West St. Paul. Employees can use their current desktops or laptops to connect to the internet and call someone. They can even use other devices such as tablets and mobile phones. If there is access to the internet, they can use VOIP services for communication.

Additional Features

When it comes to business VOIP service West St. Paul, there are a ton of features that users can expect and this is something that current users really love about the service. There is no extra charge for them as well.

Conference Calls

VOIP can accommodate multiple calls at the same time which allows teams to do conference calls. This is a very useful feature to stay coordinated and collaborate within the team even if they are in different offices.

Call Management System

Wrong numbers can waste a lot of time statistically in an office. The few minutes it takes to answer the phone, find out who it’s for, and transfer the call can pile up to significant levels. Fortunately, business VOIP service West St. Paul offers an automated call management system which can screen all calls and transfer the call to the right person based on the answers of the caller to certain questions from the system.


Missing a call would never be a problem again for employees using VOIP. This is because the system is completely portable. With landline phones, people are quite literally tied to their desk if they are waiting for a call. Now, they can take the same phone wherever they are since they will be using the same virtual number. Again, if the user has a device connected to the internet, they will be able to use VOIP services.

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