The Hype with Business VOIP Service St. Paul is Real

The telephone has been a crucial part of many offices for decades. It has allowed people to stay connected with each other, with other departments, and with customers. It is a fast and easy way to talk to someone. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the phone, a new technology is proving to be a more popular choice for companies in St. Paul and around the globe for that matter. This service is known as business VOIP service St. Paul.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Simply known as VOIP, this technology is designed to take analog audio signals much like what a phone does. It is then transferred to the receiver through the internet. Traditional phones can do this by transferring the signal through copper wires.Because of this innovation, business VOIP service St. Paul has several advantages over traditional phone services.

Advantages of Business VOIP Service St. Paul

More and more companies around Minnesota are turning to VOIP services because of the many advantages that they bring such as:

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Easy Installation

When going with VOIP, there are no difficult or long processes involved in order to set the entire system up. Because it uses the internet connection, no additional lines are needed. For hardware, computers and other devices such as tablets and smartphones can be used in order to access the VOIP system. If it can be connected to the internet, it can be used for business VOIP service St. Paul.

Because of its nature, VOIP can be up and running in about 24 hours.


The use of VOIP services allow a lot of flexibility for the user. The design of a VOIP service is that the user can access it almost anywhere. As mentioned earlier, the main requirement to be able to use business VOIP service St. Paul is an internet connection. If the user is travelling, they can connect to a WIFI or use their data services in order to make a call.

This provides great flexibility for companies especially for those who consistently have employees who travel. They can use the same number wherever they are which is perfect so that they do not miss another call.


Most, if not all businesses want to grow. Adding more people means more sales and better productivity. But adding employees means more computers, software, and communication services. Because of this, companies need to carefully plan their hiring so they can scale properly. When it comes to business VOIP service St. Paul however, companies do not need to worry about scaling.

Most VOIP services offer per user pricing models. What this means is that the company pays a fixed price per user per month. If they need additional accounts, they simply must call and add them. It’s that easy.

Improved Services

Overall, companies who have switched to VOIP are happier with the improved services in more ways than one.

First, the quality of audio with this service is at par or even better than using an actual phone. If there is a strong and stable internet connection, the call quality would be good.

At the same time, business VOIP service St. Paul offers a variety of services that come with the package as well. Things like voicemail, caller ID, call management systems, blocking, and routing are just some of these services that come with using this new technology.

Conference calls are also possible using VOIP services which is extremely useful for companies with several offices. It can help them keep in touch with each other and collaborate on projects.

Reduced Costs

A huge deal for companies when switching over to VOIP is the cost; their per minute charges are considerably cheaper as compared to traditional phone services.

Because of this, more and more companies are opting for business VOIP service St. Paul; and if you are one of them then it is best to consider Zero 1 Zero Innovations. We have the right people and equipment to deliver top of the line VOIP calling solutions for your company catered to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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