Why it is Time to Change to Business VOIP Service Minneapolis?

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP is a technology that can take analog audio signals used by telephones and turn them into a digital version. Because of this, they can now be transmitted through the internet much like any other data accessed through the same technology. This is very useful for companies since they can essentially turn a standard internet connection into a vessel for phone calls which has a lot of advantages and therefore, business VOIP service Minneapolis has become very popular.

Advantages of Business VOIP Service Minneapolis

Affordable Communication Costs

If they are connected to the internet, employees and users of the business VOIP service Minneapolis can contact each other at drastically lower prices as compared to traditional phone calls. This is especially true for long-distance calls.

At the same time, this service allows a company to use existing phones connected to the internet so they can use them for unlimited calls at a fraction of the cost as compared to the per minute charge of traditional phone companies.

There are a lot of different packages to choose from when it comes to VOIP services. They each have certain features or inclusions that can fit the requirements of the company perfectly.

Business VOIP Service Minneapolis

Affordable Equipment

One of the biggest concerns of companies about making the change from traditional phone services to business VOIP service Minneapolis is the cost of replacing all their current communication hardware and software. They are afraid that the initial investment will cost a fortune. But that is not the case. In fact, most transitions require minimal to even no installation at all since they can use existing equipment.

For hardware, either they can use existing handset phones or even run through a computer. All the computer needs is a sound card, which it would normally have, a mic, and a speaker or headset, whichever the user may prefer.

There are providers that offer handsets which aren’t that expensive and some even come with certain packages.

Additional Features

Aside from the lower costs, business VOIP service Minneapolis has become very popular because of the additional features it offers that are very useful for any business. This includes:

Multiple Call Support

A normal phone supports a call between two parties. With VOIP however, you can have a call with multiple people all at the same time. This is very useful when it comes to having meetings or conferences with people who are in different offices or locations.


Voicemail has been used for a long time and it is offered as a standard feature with business VOIP service Minneapolis. On top of that, there is also an option that if someone leaves a voicemail, that recording can be emailed to a predetermined address so the owner of the phone will know that they have a message and can listen to it immediately if they want to.

Call Management

This service also provides multiple call management features such as:
● Caller ID
● Call Waiting
● Call Forwarding
● Call Blocking

All of these can be useful for employees in certain situations. It provides a certain level of flexibility needed when working.

Call Recording

Business VOIP service Minneapolis supports call recording which can be useful in several situations. For one, if a person is involved in an important call, they can start recording so they do not lose information. It can also replace taking notes while on the phone.

At the same time, call recording can be used by companies running call centers. The recordings can be used to address performance of the employees or be used for training purposes as well.

Making the Switch to Business VOIP Service Minneapolis

If you are looking to make the change to business VOIP service Minneapolis, then consider us at Zero 1 Zero Innovations. We have been providing top-of-the-line VOIP services in Minneapolis for years. We have different packages to choose from that can fit your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our VOIP services, contact us today.

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