Advantages of using Business VOIP Service Blaine

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or simply known as VOIP, is fast becoming a common tool in offices all over Blaine and the world for that matter. This is because it offers a wide array of benefits and advantages over traditional phone lines. With the help of business VOIP service Blaine, companies can improve communication, collaboration, and productivity all at once at an affordable cost.

What is VOIP?

Phones use their own lines for one person to contact another. VOIP however, makes use of an internet connection instead. This technology can convert analog audio into digital packets which will then be sent through internet lines.

Advantages of VOIP

Cost Savings

Business VOIP Service Blaine

Using business VOIP service Blaine can lead to both direct and indirect cost savings. First, the cost of this service is comparably smaller than traditional phone services. Second, because it uses internet lines, it takes away the cost of copper lines used for phones. Offices can have a single line for both data and voice connections.

VOIP services offer varying plans as well which includes unlimited calls for a fixed monthly price. This is cheaper as compared to the per minute pricing models of other phone services.

With regards to equipment, there is no need for high initial investments for business VOIP service Blaine. The company can use opt to use existing equipment they have such as hand phones. They can also use a computer for VOIP if it has a sound card, a mic, and a headset or speaker.

Better Accessibility

In the past, people were literally tied to their phone because it is connected via a wire and stationed in their workplace. This is not the case with VOIP. It provides greater accessibility since all they need is an internet connection. They can use a computer or even their mobile phones to access business VOIP service Blaine to make calls.

This is particularly important for companies that have people on the go or travelling since a VOIP number is completely portable. The same number can be used wherever the user is.

Improved Scalability

Every business wants to grow and with growth comes scaling up resources and equipment. This includes communication tools as well. Because of tiered pricing models, they can easily add more VOIP numbers when the company hires additional manpower.

There are business VOIP service Blaine that offer price per user setups as well which means the company pays for the number of users which can be useful for scaling.

Advanced Features

Additional features require additional costs with traditional phone lines. VOIP offers most of these for free or as part of the package. On top of that, it also has advanced features that phones of the past can’t provide.

Conference Calls

Business VOIP service Blaine can support multiple calls at the same time. This means that more than one person can attend a call which is useful for having meetings or conference calls within a team. This greatly improves collaboration.

Call Management

Users can manage their calls much better as well with features such as:

● Voicemails
● Call waiting
● Caller ID
● Call blocking
● Call forwarding
● Last number redial

Clearer Voice Quality

One of the biggest disadvantages of VOIP when it was first introduced was voice quality. Through advancement in technology however, this has been circumvented. Better internet connection and improved equipment has led to better voice quality of calls done through VOIP. It has even come to the point that it offers better quality as compared to regular phone calls.

Getting Business VOIP Service Blaine

Zero 1 Zero Innovations provide companies and clients with top-of-the-line technology solutions to meet their challenges. This includes business VOIP service Blaine. We can consult you on how we can approach this solution and install it in your office. We can also help you decide on what package to use based on your company’s requirements. If you are in need of VOIP services, contact us today and we will guide you to understanding to implementing this solution.

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