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In Bloomington, no matter the nature of business, communication plays an important part in daily operations. The simplest and easiest way to collaborate with others is being able to talk with them. If they are not within earshot, then calling them through the phone is the next best thing. While there is nothing inherently wrong with phone technology, the fact of the matter is there is just a new kid on the block that offers more in terms of efficiency, functionality, and even price. This is called business VOIP service Bloomington.

VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. What this does is transform analog audio signals into a digital packet which can then be sent to the receiver through an internet connection. Simply speaking, you can talk to another person through the internet using one of the many compatible devices. The nature of this technology has led to several advantages which is why it has become very popular.

Great Features of Using Business VOIP Service Bloomington

Lower Cost

The first advantage of business VOIP service Bloomington is its lower cost. When a call is placed through a traditional phone line, the entire line is taken up by a single phone. VOIP however uses an internet connection which does not clog up the network. It eliminates the need to create more telephone lines which lowers the cost significantly.

Also, long-distance calls are the same price as regular calls with VOIP. The internet circumvents the problem of having to connect to different lines in order to call someone from a different state or country. With business VOIP service Bloomington, it doesn’t matter if you’re calling a person in the next room or halfway across the world, the cost is minimal.

Business VOIP Service Bloomington

Portability and Mobility

A lot of employees today are on the go. They constantly travel from one place to another in order to achieve their goals and tasks. This can be problematic in terms of communication since they will need to change phone numbers every time they move.

VOIP numbers however are portable. Their number is assigned to an account rather than a phone line. What this means is that no matter where the user is, as long as he or she has access to the internet, they can use the same number. There are no physical limitations on how it is used. The user is provided the freedom to do business in almost any place.

Impressive Features

While normal telephone connections offer a variety of features, they are add-ons to the account which require additional payment. With business VOIP service Bloomington however, users get access to a variety of impressive features right off the bat.

One example is voicemail. While this is also available with traditional phones, what makes VOIP voicemail impressive is the ability to send it via email. If a user gets a message, they can receive this on their email as a file or as a transcript.

Call forwarding is also very useful as well. They can set their number to forward any or specific calls to another number.

A feature that saves a lot of time and money for VOIP users is call management. What this does is have an automated answering feature which asks the caller what department they need to speak to. This effectively screens calls and removes the problem of wrong numbers and having to manually forward calls to the right people.

Probably the most popular feature of business VOIP service Bloomington is the ability to do conference calls. Basically, this allows multiple people to join in a single call. This is used for meetings that involve people from different locations. It is a great feature for collaboration.

The Best Business VOIP Service Bloomington

If you are already convinced to try business VOIP service Bloomington, it is ideal to go with the best. At Zero 1 Zero Innovations, we offer high-quality VOIP services that provide you with all these advantages, features, and many more to help your business. Our service is specifically designed to meet your requirements. If you want to learn more, you can contact us today at (612) 200-3139 or send us an email at info@010innovations.com and we will address your needs immediately.

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