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Communication is one of the key aspects for businesses to be successful. Whether it is calling within the organization to discuss goals and tasks or taking calls from potential clients, the phone is the primary tool for communication. While this has worked wonderfully for decades, a new technology has come out that can do what a traditional phone does, and many more. This is called business VOIP service Eagan.

Business VOIP is a technology that is capable of transforming audio such as speech into digital packets. This is then sent over via the internet to the receiver. In essence, phone calls can now be made through the internet and it opens up several key advantages for businesses in Eagan.

The Advantages of Business VOIP Service Eagan

Affordable Cost

The main reason why organizations are gravitating towards business VOIP service Eagan is due to its cost. It is able to provide more for a lower price. Compared to traditional phones, the price-per-call using VOIP services is considerably lower across the board.

Long distance calls from one state to another or to different countries are very expensive when using regular phones. But since VOIP services use the internet, the price is actually the same as calling someone from across the room. There are even instances where calling can be free based on location.

At the same time, business VOIP service Eagan lowers the overall cost of phones because they eliminate the need to install new phone lines.

Business VOIP Service Eagan

An office would most likely already have or has the need for an internet line and VOIP can already use that. This can save a lot of money in infrastructure spending.

When it comes to equipment, VOIP can use phones, computers, or any other device that can be connected to the internet. The choice is up to the user and this again removes the need for expensive infrastructure investment.

Conference Calls

When calling using a traditional phone line, it can usually just accommodate two users. With business VOIP service Eagan however, you can actually do conference calls that involve several people. This is very useful for companies that have offices in different locations. Someone from Eagan, another in St. Paul, and another person halfway across the world can all be in the same call at the same time.

Call Management

Another advantage of VOIP is that it offers several features for call management which provides users with a lot of options and flexibility. For example, business VOIP service Eagan can use voicemail-to-text technology so when someone leaves a voice message, a transcript of that can be sent via email to the owner of the phone.

Another popular feature is call forwarding which allows the user to set all or specific calls to be forwarded to certain numbers. This is useful for when they take vacations or when they are away from the office on a different task.

Then there is the automated answering service which screens all calls coming into the office. It will ask basic questions to the caller which they can answer using their numerical pad. Based on the answers, their call will then be transferred to the correct department. This eliminates the need to manually forward calls which saves a lot of time.

VOIP also allows for voice recording which is useful for call centers and during important meetings so that people can concentrate on the call rather than take down notes.

Clear Audio Quality

When business VOIP service Eagan first came into existence, one of the biggest gripes of users was the voice quality. In time however, the technology has evolved and now it offers high-quality audio to the extent that it even rivals or surpassed traditional phone line’s audio quality.
There is no doubt that business VOIP service Eagan offers high-quality communication solutions at an affordable price. And at Zero 1 Zero Innovations, we take it to the next level. We offer top-notch VOIP service that can deliver what your organization needs, and more. If you are in need of a reliable VOIP service, contact us today and we will be more than happy to accommodate your requirements.

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