Why Business VOIP Service Eden Prairie is the Way to Go?

Companies in Eden Prairie are reliant on phones for communication. This is especially true when it comes to customers. It is important for them to have an avenue to contact a business with regards to their products or service. Potential customers can call to get more information before purchasing. This is also used for after sales service as well. In order to properly accommodate this need, business VOIP service Eden Prairie is the way to go.

Traditional phone companies can provide proper communication channels between the company and the customer. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with it, business VOIP service Eden Prairie basically offers a better alternative for companies. More and more organizations are choosing VOIP over traditional services due to several factors.

Several Factors Helps to Choose VoIP Service in Eden Prairie


The ability to do the same, or even better service at a lower cost is something that may sound too good to be true, but it is true. VOIP services cost a lot less due to several factors.


Traditional telephone lines need their own copper wires. VOIP technology on the other hand allows audio signals to be converted into digital packets so they can be sent through the internet. What this means is that it uses the same line as the internet service used by the office which lowers cost since there is no longer a need for dedicated phone lines.

Business VoIP Service Eden Prairie


There is no need for huge investments when it comes to hardware to use for VOIP. First of all, business VOIP service Eden Prairie can use current phones as long as they can be connected to the internet. They can also make use of computers that have sound cards (which most modern desktops and laptops already do), a mic and speaker or headset.

Since most employees would already have computers or phones already, VOIP does not need huge investments in hardware.

Cost per Call

When it comes right down to side by side pricing, cost per call of business VOIP service Eden Prairie is lower especially for long distance calls. They even offer tiered pricing models flexible enough to fit the needs of the company.

Call Management

A problem commonly faced by offices is wrong number. The phone in the accounting department would ring and the person calling is looking for someone in marketing. They would now have to transfer the call to the right person. If this happens several times in a day, it wastes a significant amount of time from people’s days.

Call management from business VOIP service Eden Prairie screens all calls to the company and has an automated system to ask certain questions from the caller. They can answer using the number pad. Based on their answers, the call would then be transferred to the right person. This can save a lot of time when it comes to transferring and screening calls.

Call Features

VOIP also offers multiple features that are very useful for any user. This includes:

1. Call recording which is useful for recording client to employee calls (with their consent of course). The recording can then be used for training purposes down the line or to simply monitor the performance of the employee.
2. Call blocking is a great feature to filter out phone numbers that are usually spam. This can cut down wasted time significantly as well.
3. Video calls are made possible using business VOIP service Eden Prairie as well. This is great for company meetings and conferences to add an additional personal touch during the call.

Reliable Performance

One of the most common problems with VOIP when it initially came out is the quality of audio and reliability. Today however, with advancement in technology, its quality and reliability is now off the charts. Companies can safely count on VOIP with their calling needs.
For companies that are looking for business VOIP service Eden Prairie, Zero 1 Zero Innovations offer end to end solutions when it comes to VOIP. We offer a variety of pricing models and solutions that will fit your company’s needs. If you are interested in our VOIP services, contact us at (612) 200-3139 or email info@010innovations.com today.

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