What Makes the Best VOIP Service Saint Paul?

There are many companies located in St. Paul, Minnesota. And over the years, these companies and businesses have been transitioning to a new service called VOIP or voice over internet phone. This is a technology that’s meant to improve upon traditional telephone services.

It has a lot of features and functionalities that traditional phones simply don’t. But not all providers are equal. The Best VOIP Service Saint Paul can give companies the best in terms of cost, availability, and function.

Any business needs a way to communicate within the organization or with their customers and phones are the best way for that. VOIP can provide this communication channel at a lower cost as compared to traditional phones. But on top of that, the Best VOIP Service Saint Paul also offer features to help in everyday communication and collaboration.

Best VOIP Service Saint Paul

Features of Best VOIP Service in Saint Paul

Conference Calls

The ability to do conference calls is a very important feature for any company. This is because at any given time, they may need to communicate between multiple parties. It can involve several of their employees, clients, third party vendors, and more. Whatever the case may be, being able to have everyone on the same call at the same time is very beneficial to get things organized and to collaborate.

Conference calls can help lower company costs as well since employees don’t need to travel. Basically, group communication becomes more efficient.

Call Recording

The Best VOIP Service Saint Paul also offers the capability for users to record calls. This is best used during important meetings or even in conference calls so that it can act as a minutes of the meeting. It ensures whatever is agreed upon is recorded so it can be a reference point moving forward.


Missing a call can be very frustrating. It is even more frustrating if there is an important message that needs to be relayed and the recipient was away from his or her desk when the phone rings. Voicemails are offered by the Best VOIP Service Saint Paul so that employees do not miss another message again. It allows callers to leave a voice recording so that the recipient will at least get the message when he or she is back at the desk.

On top of that, voicemail can be sent via email to the user. If a caller leaves a message, this will be recorded and sent to the recipients predetermined email address so he or she will be alerted wherever they may be. They can then listen to it on their computer or mobile phone. This is very useful for employees on the go such as those in sales.

Call Forwarding

The Best VOIP Service Saint Paul also offers call forwarding as an important feature for users. This is also great for those who are always on the go. They can set the call forwarding option to automatically send a call to their mobile phone if they are away from the office.

This feature can also be very useful during vacation time. A user can set his or her phone to automatically forward calls to the person who would be covering for him/her during the time they are away.

Automated Calling Service

One of the most popular and cost saving features offered by the Best VOIP Service Saint Paul is an automated calling service. What this program does is allow users to setup automated answering for all incoming calls. The program can ask certain questions on the nature of the call such as what their concern is or what department they are trying to reach. The caller can answer using their phone’s number pad. Based on this, their call will then be forwarded to the right department.

This feature helps save a lot of time, effort, and energy in diverting calls to the right people.

Hiring the Best VOIP Service Saint Paul

If you need a good telephone provider, then you should hire the Best VOIP Service Saint Paul. Zero 1 Zero Innovations offers top of the line VOIP services with all the features that you will need, and more. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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