The Features of the Best VOIP Service West Saint Paul

Voice Over Internet Phone, or simply VOIP, is taking over companies in West St. Paul and all over Minnesota by storm. And understandably so. This is an amazing technology that helps businesses and any organization with their communication and collaboration needs. It is a system that provides a more efficient phone, essentially. And with the best VOIP Service West Saint Paul, companies can save more.

One of the reasons why VOIP has become very popular is because it is comparatively cheaper as compared to traditional phone services. The best VOIP Service West Saint Paul even offer tiered pricing wherein companies only must pay a fixed amount per user per month which makes it easily scalable and financially manageable. There are no surprises when it comes to the monthly bills.

Moreover, VOIP providers also offer additional services and features that can further help companies when it comes to their operations and communications. These features include:

Best VoIP Service West Saint Paul

Features of Best VOIP Service in West Saint Paul

Automated Call Management

Probably one of the most powerful features of the best VOIP Service West Saint Paul, automated call management removes the challenge of wrong numbers which can take up a lot of time from employees. For example, a potential customer or client would simply search for any number of a company. Once they find one, they’d simply call it and the number may be for a different department. What happens is that the receiver would have to spend a minute or two to transfer the call to the right person. Accumulated, this can waste a lot of time from several employees.

What an automated call management system does is ask certain questions from every incoming call. These questions can vary depending on the need of the organization but it can be as simple as “What department would you want to talk to?”. A list of choices would then be provided and the caller can choose using the number pad.

This cuts down wrong calls significantly which saves employees the time and effort to answer these and transfer them.

Call Forwarding and Voicemail Services

The best VOIP Service West Saint Paul also offers features that help in employee’s flexibility such as call forwarding and voicemail services.

Call forwarding is used by employees who would be away from their office for some time. They can choose to have all calls coming into their phone be automatically redirected to a phone number of where they would be or their mobile phone. If they are on vacation or would be too busy to take calls, they can opt for the calls to be forwarded to whoever would cover their tasks during their absence.

Voicemail allows callers to leave messages in recipient’s phones so that they do not miss important messages. The best VOIP Service West Saint Paul even provide settings to automatically send these recorded messages to the user’s email so they can listen to the message wherever they may be.

Do Not Disturb Function

A useful feature for times that an employee cannot take calls is the do not disturb. It turns off the ringing of the phone. At the same time, the user has the option to have a pre-recoded message for callers asking them to call others for emergencies or leave a message in their voicemail.

Hiring the Best VOIP Service West Saint Paul

If you are looking for the best VOIP Service West Saint Paul, zero 1 zero Innovations is here to provide you with top of the line VOIP. We have a highly trained team with significant experience to handle your needs. At the same time, we have the best equipment and software to ensure that your company gets what it needs, and even more. If you have any questions or queries about our services, contact us today.

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