Benefits of Server Virtualization for SMBs

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Virtualization technologies offer small and midsized businesses (SMBs) access to IT infrastructure that would otherwise be impossible cost-wise. The advantages of using cloud computing include reducing the need for physical servers, increasing productivity, much-improved disaster recovery, and energy savings, to name a few. Below, learn about some of the more sophisticated benefits of server virtualization.

Quicker Server Provisioning and Deployment

When relying strictly on physical servers, new servers are needed from time to time. This involves an arduous, time-consuming process of submitting a purchase order, waiting for delivery, and installing the operating system and applications. The considerable cost typically includes additional racks and cables.
With server virtualization, keeping up with the ever-increasing need for data resources is a no-hassle process. Server provisioning and deployment are practically instantaneous and the cost is comparatively minimal.

Reduced Cost of Hardware and Software

In a strictly physical IT environment, servers are heavily underutilized, using only an estimated 15% capacity at best. When server virtualization is implemented, there is a significant increase in hardware utilization. IT departments adopting server virtualization have reported that hardware and software costs are 40% lower as compared with using only physical servers.

Increased Productivity

Because of server virtualization, downtime associated with server provisioning and deployment is greatly reduced. IT staff can focus on more productive tasks such as increasing revenue and driving new business initiatives.

Server Virtualization

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