100% email access a reality with Email Continuity

Micheal McKeenSecurity

Disasters happen. Networks fail. What would happen if your company was without email for an hour? Ten hours? How would you cope if the email outage lasted much, much longer?

With Email Continuity, you’ll never have to worry about email availability. With as little as an Internet connection, your employees will always have access to their company email.

Email Continuity maintains business continuity throughout a server outage by combining our disaster mail spooling functionality with continuous email communication services. While maintaining business continuity, you will be able to protect against email interruptions with the ability to access all email plus send and receive messages during the time of your outage..

Email Continuity provides:

  • Automatically activates when an outage occurs
  • Seamless Outlook integration with no separate website for login
  • Complete inbound and outbound email service from your employees’ primary company email addresses
  • Uninterrupted email service
  • No mailbox size limits
  • Securence Email Continuity makes 100% email access a reality.
Mobile Workforce
As a fully hosted service, Email Continuity requires no additional software or hardware. Continuous email communication will be maintained as long as you are experiencing a server outage. Once your mail server is back online, the backed up email messages will be returned to your primary server.Compatible with both hosted and in-house email systems (including Microsoft Exchange), and email client-neutral, Email Continuity makes it easy to guarantee 24x7x365 access to your company’s email.

Easily Deployed

  • Cloud-based service — no hardware/software deployment or management necessary.
  • Users can immediately login to their alternate email account to view and reply to new messages.

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