Why you should Use VOIP Woodbury

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a relatively new technology. This is designed to help improve the communication process between employees in a company or with their customers or clients. Over the years, this has developed and improved further. Today, VOIP is seen as a practical solution to address communication challenges of an organization. Because of its multiple benefits, more and more companies in Minnesota and around the world are choosing to go with VOIP Woodbury.

What is VOIP Exactly?

First, it is important to understand exactly what this technology is.

Also known as IP telephony, this is a modern technology designed to allow users to make phone calls over Local Area Networks (LANs), or the internet, as opposed to using traditional phone lines. It has the ability to convert voice and other audio signals from analogue into digital packets of data. This is then sent over the internet and the receiver’s system decodes it back into an analogue voice.

VoIP Woodbury

Advantages of VOIP Woodbury

Because of its nature that it uses the internet, VOIP Woodbury has a lot of advantages over traditional phone services.

Cost of VOIP

The first advantage of VOIP, and probably the favorite of many business owners and decision makers, is the fact that it is a lot more affordable than other communication solutions. This is due to several things.


When installing VOIP Woodbury, a company does not have to spend tons of money to buy new wires and install them across the office because it uses the same internet connection as used for data. What this means is that they can get rid of wires dedicated for phones and only have internet cables.


There is also a significant reduction in cost when it comes to hardware; depending on the choice of the company though. This is because VOIP Woodbury offers several options when it comes to the hardware it uses.

There are handset phones specifically created for VOIP services. Going with this can be expensive because the company will have to buy a handset for each user.

Another option is to make use of the current handsets already available in the office. VOIP services are compatible with these.

Then there is the most affordable option of using the current desktop or laptop computer of users. As long as they have a sound card, a mic, and a speaker, or maybe a headset, they can use this for VOIP services.

Cost Per Call

There is almost no comparison when it comes to cost per call between traditional phone services and VOIP Woodbury. The latter is a lot more affordable; especially in making long distance calls. In fact, depending on the provider and the plan, users of VOIP can enjoy long distance calls for free.

Communication Features

If the cost is not enough to convince you of going with VOIP, this service also offers an array of communication features each designed to help employees become more productive. Examples are:

  • Conference Calls – Multiple people can join in a single call at the same time.
  • Voicemail – Callers can leave voicemails and it will be sent via email to the receiver.
  • Call Recording – An especially useful feature so that they can focus on the meeting instead of taking down notes.
  • Call Forwarding and Routing – Always ensure that callers are directed to the correct person with call forwarding and routing features.
  • And many more!

In some cases, all of these features, along with others, come for free with your VOIP Woodbury plan.

If you are now convinced that switching over to VOIP is the right move for your company, Zero 1 Zero Innovations is here to help you. We have a wide range of plans and pricing models when it comes to VOIP Woodbury so that you can choose one which perfectly fits your needs and requirements. We also have dedicated people who are always ready to provide you with the best service possible. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today at 612 268-6626 or send an email to info@010innovations.com.

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