Learn the Advantages of VOIP Service Plymouth

A key to business is communication. People need to be able to communicate with one another in order to get things done. It is the key to collaboration. This is why organizations invest a whole lot for their tools such as emails, chat, and project management tools. But with all that, the telephone still rings supreme. It allows employees to quickly call someone else and discuss whatever they need in an instant. This is a must for most offices; until the rise to prominence of VOIP services Plymouth.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or more commonly known as VOIP, is a technology that is capable of essentially doing the job of a phone but using the internet instead of the standard telephone wires. In doing so, it opens up several advantages for companies.

VoIP Service Plymouth

Less Cost Overall

There are several ways a company can save cost when it comes to VOIP services Plymouth.

Cost of Installation

Standard telephones require specific wires in order to install them. This means that an office, which would most likely have an internet anyway, would have to deal with multiple wiring. This means purchase of more wires and hiring people who can facilitate its installation.

VOIP services Plymouth can be installed without much additional wiring. Since there is an internet connection in the office anyway, it will make use of the same wire.

Cost of Hardware

Saving on the cost for hardware would depend on the decisions of the company, but it is possible.

There are handsets specifically designed for VOIP use so they can take advantage of other features of the service. While this requires additional purchase, it does help with increasing productivity through new features.

Another option is to use what handsets are already available. VOIP services can operate using most traditional phones; while some may need minor modifications.

But for the most bang for the buck, organizations can opt to use their computers. Again, employees would have these anyway so there isn’t much of additional cost when it comes to purchasing hardware. The only catch to using computers for VOIP services Plymouth is that they need to have a sound card (which most modern computers already have), a speaker, and a mic (or better yet, a headset for privacy and clearer communication).

Cost of Calling

There are many different plan types when it comes to VOIP services Plymouth. While each have their own pros and cons, the main thing is that they are all able to provide cheaper rates per call when compared with traditional phone lines.

Because the system is connected to the internet, an employee can call someone halfway across the world at a fraction of the cost of placing a long distance call.

Useful Features

Users of VOIP also enjoy many additional features the system offers that helps them in their day to day communications.

Conference Calls

Have a team located in different offices? Not a problem. Through VOIP services Plymouth, they can still have meetings without having to travel by doing conference calls.

Video Calls

Conference calls and even one on one calls can be improved further by integrating video as well. This gives a new level of personality when contacting someone else.

Call Management

Employees have more control and options than ever when it comes to managing their phone calls through features like:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Routing
  • Blocking Numbers
  • Call Recording
  • And many more

These features are specifically designed to help users with their communication. Availability of features depends on the plan type and the provider. There are instances where all of these features are readily available for users.

When it comes to VOIP services Plymouth plans, Zero 1 Zero Innovations offer comprehensive solutions for all our customers. We strive to provide the right solutions to your challenges. If you are interested in implementing this system in your company, you can contact us by calling our number (612) 268-6626 or send us an email at info@010innovations.com today.

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