The Advantage of Small Business VOIP Service Minnesota

Being able to communicate has always been important for business, no matter if they’re a startup, a medium sized enterprise, or a multinational company operating in different continents. Communication is always important. It allows people to organize with their partners and suppliers. At the same time, it helps them provide customer service as well. And when it comes to providing an efficient but affordable tool for communication, small business VOIP service Minnetonka is the way to go.

What is VOIP?

Evolution of technology has provided new opportunities and avenues for improvement. This includes the development of Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP for short. What this does is convert audio from analogue form into digital packets so it can be sent through the internet instead of using traditional phone lines.

The setup of small business VOIP service Minnetonka provides several benefits which are useful for any company; especially smaller ones.

Startups normally have people doing several things at once. One of the ways to help them organize and become efficient is to provide them with the right tools. VOIP service is one of these tools designed specifically to help improve office efficiency and productivity.

Small Business VoIP Service Minnetonka

Advantages of using VOIP Service

Because this service is specifically designed for small companies, VOIP carries several advantages over using traditional solutions such as:

More Affordable Cost

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of small business VOIP service Minnetonka is the fact that it costs less to install and operate this as compared to traditional phone lines. And there are several reasons for this.

First is in installation. Because VOIP uses internet connectivity, which most probably would be available in an office anyway, there is no need to lay down more wires or to purchase specialized equipment to install the infrastructure for VOIP. It’s already there.

The same can be said for the hardware used in small business VOIP service Minnetonka. There are several options when it comes to hardware but one of the most common decisions business owners make is to use the current desktop or laptop computers of employees. The only requirements are:

  • The computer has a sound card
  • There is a speaker available
  • There is a mic available
  • Alternatively, employees can use headsets instead of a speaker and mic

By setting up VOIP through computers, the business does not need to invest in large amounts of hardware to support their communication channel.

And of course, the cost per minute of calls are considerably lower as compared to traditional phone lines. In fact, depending on the plan chosen, small business VOIP service Minnetonka can even have free calls available.

Abundant Features

As mentioned earlier, VOIP has several features that can help employees with their day to day activities. Examples are:

Conference Calls

Users have the option to do conference calls instead of having to find a room large enough to fit the entire team and have their meeting. This can be a huge time saver. It also provides the ability for teams located in different offices to keep in touch and coordinate with one another.

Call Management

Small business VOIP service Minnetonka also has an abundance of call management features which includes:

  • Call Routing
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • And many more

All of these call management features are designed to help employees with managing their communications and providing them with options to become more productive in the office.

Scalable Solution

Businesses would always have the goal to grow their company. This means more revenue, more customers, and more of everything; including more communication needs. One of the greatest advantages of VOIP is that they are easy to scale up. All it takes is a call to the provider to set up a new VOIP account in minutes.

It also takes just one call to Zero 1 Zero Innovations to plan and prepare your office’s small business VOIP service Minnetonka. Our service is specifically created to address common needs and challenges of small businesses. If you need a powerful and affordable VOIP service, contact us today at 612 268-6626 or send an email to

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