Why Use Secure VOIP Service West St. Paul?

The telephone has been a crucial part of businesses ever since it became readily available to consumers. This is one of the, if not, the most used tools for communication within offices. From collaborating with other employees to providing customer service, the telephone effectively bridges the gap between two people. While it does its job really well, more and more companies however are turning to a new technology called secure VOIP service West St. Paul.

This technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP for short, is designed to work as a telephone as well. The main difference however is that traditional phones require their own phone lines. This is what makes it quite expensive because there’s only a finite amount of connections available. With secure VOIP service West St. Paul however, calls are made through the internet.

Secure VoIP Service West St. Paul

VOIP technology is able to convert the analogue audio signals of someone speaking into a microphone or a receiver into digital data which can now be sent through the internet.

Advantages of using Secure VOIP Service West St. Paul

Because of the nature of VOIP in itself, it has led to several advantages.

Lower Calling Expense

The cost of calling using secure VOIP service West St. Paul is considerably lower as compared to the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN used by traditional telephone networks.

One of the main reasons for the discrepancy in price is the carriage cost. Back then, the cost of data was very expensive. They even had to contend with capping even on an enterprise level. This means the internet bandwidth is limited.

Today however, internet speeds have drastically improved and services became cheaper as a result. This leads to a reduction of a company’s phone bill by up to 60% when they use VOIP services.

On top of that, if they constantly call overseas, they see a reduction of cost of up to 90%!

Better Accessibility

Back then, when someone is waiting for a call, they are tied to their desk. This is no longer the case with secure VOIP service West St. Paul as it offers a completely new level of accessibility.

Because VOIP systems are connected to the internet, there are several ways to access it.

  1. Using a handset phone – This setup is similar to having a traditional phone. The handset is connected to a wire and it is used in a similar fashion.
  2. Computer – One of the most common ways secure VOIP service West St. Paul is used on a computer; laptops or desktops. The system is installed on a computer and they can call using that as long as it has a mic, speakers or headset.
  3. Mobile Devices – Smartphones and tablets today are powerful enough to carry VOIP systems. An app can be installed then the user simply logs onto their account.

Advanced Features

VOIP services can actually help improve the overall productivity of a company through various features that help employees. Some examples include:

  • Conference Calls – Multiple people can join in a single call so they can have a meeting and coordinate with one another.
  • Video Calls – If users have cameras ready on their computers, they can actually do video calls.
  • Call Management – Features like caller ID, call blocking, call routing, and many more help users manage their communication systems better.

Depending on the secure VOIP service West St. Paul plans signed up for, these features and more can come in for free.


With VOIP services, it is easy to scale up or down. Most plans are paid per user on a monthly basis. What this means is that if the company hires 2 people, they can have their phone systems up and running quickly.

If you are looking for a tech company to help your business with secure VOIP service West St. Paul, Zero 1 Zero Innovations is here for you. We have the experience, the people, and the equipment to offer bespoke communication solutions based on VOIP technology. If you are interested, contact us at 740 273-3464 or send us an email at info@010innovations.com today.

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