Why You Need Online Data Backup Plymouth

Modern companies today are able to gather a lot of data. This is especially true when they have online channels such as a website and social media accounts. They offer a lot of analytics that provide the company with data that they can use in order to improve their day to day activities. On top of that, they also have internal data that are important as well such as employee files and financial records of procurements, payments, payroll, and more. All of these are considered sensitive and important data which should be protected by online data backup Plymouth.

Data loss can be a devastating thing for a company, no matter at what level. The consequences can range from being an inconvenience because they need to redo the work in order to gather the same data to getting sued by customers and other stakeholders affected by the data loss.

Online Data Backup Plymouth

Either way, data loss can be financially draining and can deter the progress of a business. This is why they should always place layers of security such as online data backup Plymouth in order to protect important information such as customer data and credit card details.

Data Risks and Threats

There are several risks and threats to data today which includes:

Accidental Deletion

This is probably the most common use for online data backup Plymouth. Imagine an employee of the company near the end of the day who decides to organize his or her files before going home. Instead of deleting unneeded files, a folder containing all the payment information of employees are deleted instead.

This actually happens more often than people would admit. And if it does happen, managers, business owners, and employees would be very thankful if they have online data backup Plymouth.

Accidental deletion also includes accidentally damaging devices that carry data such as USB drives and external hard drives. They can be placed innocently on an office desk and one quick nudge can spill coffee or water on them which can lead to damage and data loss.

Malicious Attacks

More and more attacks are happening against companies and businesses coming from hackers and other malicious programs. This is because they are after the sensitive information the company may have to use for their own benefit. They can specifically target companies through:

  1. Social Engineering – This is a tactic where they analyze and study an employee and based on their findings, create a specific campaign to trick that person to giving up sensitive information.
  2. Malicious Programs – Hackers create programs such as viruses in order to infect and invade corporate networks so they can steal data.

In both these scenarios, having online data backup Plymouth can at least protect the company from losing their data.

Another layer of defense against malicious attacks is to have proper security training and seminars for employees. These seminars are designed to help them identify websites, emails, and messages that may contain attempts at an attack.

Natural Disasters

Some companies do their backup manually. They copy files into a centralized server in the office or maybe just in external hard drives kept in lockers. While this works for certain data threats and risks, it is not completely full-proof.

The advantage of online data backup Plymouth is that the backups are kept in a different location from the source. They are kept in servers of the backup service provider in their own office. These are also sometimes backed up in data centers in different locations as well to ensure that there is always a copy.

If your company has a lot of important data, then it is best to do online data backup Plymouth with us at Zero 1 Zero Innovations. We are committed to creating the best and safest backup service for our clients. If you want to learn more about our backup systems, you can contact us by calling 612 268-6626 or sending an email to info@010innovations.com today.

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