Mitigating Risks with Data Backup Solutions Plymouth

It has been proven time and again that knowledge is indeed, power. With today’s modern technologies, companies are able to increase their knowledge by gathering and understanding the relevant data to their business. Whether they are aware of it or not, they actually have a lot of valuable data. With the right analytics, they can derive valuable insights from these and make better decisions for the business. As important as this resource is, companies should remember to protect them through various means such as having the right data backup solutions Plymouth.

Data Backup Solutions Plymouth

Safekeeping data takes more than a single password or copying it into another folder in your computer. Services such as data backup solutions Plymouth provide comprehensive security for the data and information that a company has. Protection is key to avoid disasters.

Protection from what, you may ask?

Risks and Threats against Data

There are a lot of risks and threats regarding data. This is a valuable resource and losing them can lead to huge repercussions. As a matter of fact, 29% of businesses that have experienced some sort of data loss have experienced a reduction in their revenue afterward. This is why data backup solutions Plymouth is important because it can help prevent data loss from various threats such as:

Accidental Deletion of Data

This is perhaps one of the most common threats and ever prevalent risk against data. Employees who manage them on a daily basis can accidentally delete the data they are working with.

There are many reasons why this can happen. One reason is because there is a lack of training in processes for handling data. Another is a general lack of organizational skills. And of course there is the straightforward reason of negligence on the part of the employee.

In order to avoid this from happening, companies can provide training seminars for employees. But accidental deletion continues to happen even after training, managers and business owners would be so happy they have data backup solutions Plymouth.

Malicious Intent

It isn’t only the company who understands the value of data. Other people also recognize this and they go to extreme lengths in order to gain access to the data your organization may have. These are the people with malicious intent such as hackers.

Hackers try to find ways to infiltrate the computer system of a company in order to benefit themselves. More often than not, they steal data to do this. Other times, they destroy them. They can infiltrate your network in different ways. Examples include:

1. Social Engineering – This is a technique they use by studying an employee of the company and engineering a campaign to trick him or her to divulge passwords or other essential information.
2. Malicious Software – Viruses and malwares can be mitigated with the right software or having data backup solutions Plymouth. Hackers use these programs to gain access to computers and networks.


This is a type of malicious software but it deserves its own mention. This is programmed to find important files or data inside a computer it infects. After that, it will lock them from being accessed or used by the owner. It will then send a message that unless a ransom is paid, hence the name, the files will be deleted after a certain amount of time. In most cases, even after payment, the files are destroyed anyway.

With data backup solutions Plymouth, this is not a problem. The computer can be reformatted and everything deleted, including the ransomware. The files and data it held for ransom are backed up anyway.

Natural Disasters

Certain things are unavoidable and at the same time, very destructive. Storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, and any other disaster can strike an office and destroy all the files and data inside. Having a backup of everything in another location, such as Plymouth, ensures that the company’s most important data are safe even after losing their office.

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