Common Reasons why Data Backup Minneapolis is Important

Backing up data should be a religious process to ensure that everything is updated and that the company is prepared at any time if the worst does happen. This is what data backup Minneapolis aims to help companies with.

What is Data Backup?

This is simple really. It is essentially copying important files and sensitive information in one computer and placing it in another location. By having more than one copies of the same files, it provides a layer of safety that if something happens to one of them, there is still an available copy in order to restore the original.

While there are many complications that come with this such as ensuring the backup is recent and ways to restore, the important thing is that a company at least has a set process of doing backups in case one of the many risk factors of losing data happen.

Data Backup Minneapolis

Common Data Risks

There are several risks that data backup Minneapolis intends to neutralize. This includes:

Human Error

Probably the most common cause of losing data is human error. There are offices that lose data on a frequent basis due to someone accidentally deleting a file that they no longer see this is a risk. This mindset can lead to even bigger disasters.

Not having the proper workflows and procedures in managing data can cause employees to accidentally delete them. The best solution is to provide training on how to properly handle sensitive information to minimize the risk. While this does not completely remove the problem, having data backup Minneapolis at least means you can restore the lost data.


Another common problem that leads to data loss is spilling coffee, water, or other drinks onto a computer or hard drive. Liquid is the worst enemy of electrical components. It can severely damage them. And if that happens, the data can be compromised. At the same time, it can also lead to additional costs since you may need to purchase a new computer or hard drive due to spills.

Mechanical Failure

It can be either the computer giving out or the power grid failing, whichever it may be, mechanical failure can lead to data loss.

One example is if an employee is currently managing data and the power suddenly goes out even for just a second. This can glitch the computer or cause an error which leads to data loss.

Hard drives, the computer component that keeps data and other files, are not invulnerable. There are many things that can happen which causes the drive to fail and hence lead to the data contained being deleted. Having multiple data backup Minneapolis can ensure the safety of a company’s data.

Losing a Computer

In today’s day and age, a lot of employees have become on the go since they can bring their laptops with them almost anywhere. They can work in the office, at home, or during business trips. While this is a good way to provide flexibility, it can also lead to losing a computer either due to misplacing them or someone stealing it. By at least having data backup Minneapolis, the data can be restored in a new computer.


Malicious software, or malware, is one of the leading causes of data loss. It can infect almost any computer at any time. While anti-virus and anti-malware programs are available to protect computers from these, the risk is still there.

Proper education, using the right security programs, and having data backup Minneapolis can all help in ensuring that malware does not severely affect a business.

Hire the Best Data Backup Minneapolis

There are many risks out there that can lead to data being lost. Whether intentional or not, it is a risk that any company must face. By having the best data backup Minneapolis, you can at least minimize this risk. Zero 1 Zero Innovations provide comprehensive security solutions to help companies when it comes to digital security and solutions which includes cloud-based backups. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us today.

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