The Advantages of Having Cloud Data Backup St. Paul

Using various forms of data, companies today can make accurate decisions on how to improve their products and service. They can also use this data to provide a more personalized service for their customers and clients. But, it is also important to remember that these companies have the obligation to keep these data safe, especially customer information. And one of the ways to ensure that is to use cloud data backup St. Paul.

The Need for Data Backup

Data loss can be a costly thing for any company. In fact, research has shown that 29% of companies that suffer data loss also suffer a decline in their revenue. Then there’s the obvious public scrutiny if this happens which leads to loss of customers and clients.Having cloud data backup St. Paul helps companies protect the sensitive data and other information that they have with them. Whether data was accidentally deleted by an employee or a laptop crashes, having this service provides a safety net to recover from disasters.

Cloud Data Backup St. Paul

Advantages of Cloud

There are many ways that companies and employees can back up their files and important data. For one, they can copy their files into an internal server in the office. A more common option is to copy the files into external storage devices such as hard drives, CDs, and even into other computers such as laptops and tablets.

Cloud data backup St. Paul on the other hand provides an opportunity to copy the files onto the cloud. This is a server that can be accessed through the internet. The nature of this technology provides several advantages for backing up data.

Secure Data Storage

Security should always be a top concern when backing up data. If placed in external hard drives, these can be lost, stolen, or damaged when being transported. This can lead to data loss. With cloud data backup St. Paul however, that is no longer a problem.

Service providers normally make use of redundant servers to create a cloud environment for backup. This means they have multiple hardware working together as one. If one fails, the others can help keep everything running. What this means for data is that they will not be lost or damaged even if one of the servers fails. There are multiple instances of the backup which ensures their security.

Automated System

Probably the most important advantage of cloud data backup St. Paul is that it provides an automated system when it comes to creating copies of the latest updated files and other data. Users have the option to set everything for the system to dictate what types of files are going to be copied onto the cloud and when.

For example, they can set partial backup of computers on a 12-hour interval while a full backup should happen once a week.

The choice is completely up to the users and what they seem fit for their needs.

Lower Cost

Business owners love the advantage of getting the best possible service for a lower price. With cloud data backup St. Paul, they do not have to invest in hardware or any type of infrastructure for that matter in order to get it running. All they need is their current network and a connection to the internet and the system can operate. This means less cost for the company.

Tiered Costing

Speaking of cost, most service providers offer a tiered costing scheme for cloud services. What this means is that the more the company pays, the more services they will get. This helps businesses pay for what they need while having the ability to easily scale up or down when then need arrives.

At Zero 1 Zero Innovations, we offer great pricing for our cloud data backup St. Paul solution. We can also guarantee that our service is reliable, secure, and fast. If you are in need of help in creating a disaster recovery plan for your company, contact us today at (612) 200-3139 or send us an email through

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