Reasons you Need Cloud Data Backup Roseville

Using technology, companies in Roseville can gather the data that they need in order to perform their service or to sell products. For example, a company that sells water bottles can use technology to do so online. If a customer places an order, they will need to collect various personal data such as contact details and addresses. They need this data to deliver the purchased water bottles. As such, this is very important information which is why it is ideal to have cloud data backup Roseville to minimize the risk of losing them.

Data loss is a huge risk for any company. Studies have shown that 29% of businesses that suffer from one form of data loss or another would eventually lose revenue as well. Not to mention the impact this has on the image of the company. The general public basically has a lower trust in companies who have had a data loss infraction in the past.

With the help of cloud data backup Roseville, businesses in Minnesota can create a safety net for their sensitive information.

What is Cloud Data Backup Roseville?

Basically, backing up data means making a copy of it and placing it somewhere else. Old fashioned ways of doing this is to copy data from computers into CDs, floppy discs, and even external hard drives. While this accomplishes having a backup of the data, it isn’t the most ideal way to do it.What if the hard drive gets stolen? What if the internal server gets compromised with a virus? There are still many risks to data even with this approach to backup.

Cloud data backup Roseville provides a reliable, secure, and accessible option to backup data. What happens is that the user’s computers are connected to the internet. They then log into the backup system which allows them to copy and retrieve files and other data onto the cloud.

Cloud Data Backup Roseville

A cloud platform is very secure. It makes use of several redundant servers to create its environment. This leads to many distinct advantages.

Advantages of using Cloud Data Backup Roseville

Accessibility to Files

Using cloud data backup Roseville, employees can get their files from the cloud wherever they may be. As long as they are connected to the internet, they can log into the cloud service provider and manage their files.

This is a huge advantage for companies that have employees who constantly travel or have multiple office locations. No matter where their employees go, they can get access to the files they need at the moment.

Easy Disaster Recovery

Anything can happen at any given moment. An employee could accidentally delete a folder containing important files. A laptop can break down. Operating systems can crash. Or maybe a power outage suddenly happens which damages computer hard drives. Any of these events can cause data loss. But if the company has cloud data backup Roseville, they can recover their files easily.

With one phone call or a few clicks of a button, the recovery process can begin from the cloud. Files and applications would be copied over to the office. The amount of time this would take normally depends on the amount of data and internet connectivity.

Affordable Solution

With traditional backup processes, companies need to invest in different hardware, software, and sometimes even training so that they can ensure data is backed up by employees in a timely manner. This can amount to huge costs.

But with cloud data backup Roseville, companies do not have to invest in any type of infrastructure. They can use what they currently have. At the same time, with the amount of features and functionalities that cloud-based backup systems provide, they are very affordable and scalable as well.

At Zero 1 Zero Innovations, we offer not just an affordable cloud data backup Roseville, but a secure and reliable one as well. If you need a partner to ensure that your data is well protected, you can contact us today at (612) 200-3139 or send us an email through

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