Why Use Cloud Data Backup Plymouth

There are several local businesses in Plymouth today that collect different types of data from their customers. The data they collect is usually used to provide them with services or products. For example, an eCommerce website would collect personally identifiable information so they can deliver the product to the right person. But, it is important to remember that this is very sensitive information that should be protected using cloud data backup Plymouth.

It is important to ensure that data loss does not happen. Studies have shown that businesses who lose data are more likely to lose revenue as well. On top of that, they will also have to face public scrutiny because they lost valuable and important information. 

Cloud Data Backup Plymouth

Cloud data backup Plymouth can help a business minimize or even completely avoid the many risks that they have to face when it comes to protecting information. By simply being on the cloud, this service has several benefits and advantages over other backup procedures.

Automated Set and Forget Feature

Probably the most important feature that this system offers is the fact that it can automate backup procedures. Once a company signs up for cloud data backup, they are provided with access and settings to the system. Users are then able to determine when backups should happen, what files should be backed up by the system, and what are the priorities. 

For example, a company can use cloud data backup Plymouth to automatically do complete backups of their computers every Monday evening. They can also have the system set to do partial backups every end of the day or even every 12 hours. 

In doing so, companies are always ensured that their important data are kept safe on the cloud.

No Hardware Cost

With cloud data backup Plymouth, companies essentially rent space on the cloud environment. This means they do not have to invest huge amounts of money in purchasing different equipment such as in creating an internal file server for the office. The only requirement is the existing computer network of the company and a connection to the internet. No expensive equipment is involved.

No Hardware Failure

Speaking of hardware, another benefit of using cloud-based solutions for creating backups is that they are not prone to hardware failure. If data is backed up on an internal file server, for example, that server can experience malfunctions in one of its many different components which leads to data being compromised. 

Cloud data backup Plymouth is not susceptible to this risk because it runs on several redundant servers. If one goes down, there are others to keep the entire system going. Basically, this offers a safer and more reliable environment for important file backups.

Access to Files

When a user needs to access his or her files on the cloud, all they need is an internet connection and their access details. If they have that, they can get to their files wherever they may be. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

For one, it helps with employees who work in different locations or are always on the go. If they accidentally leave or lose their external hard drives or flash drives, they can still access their data through cloud data backup Plymouth.

Free Up Time

For companies that do manual backups, this can take up a lot of time from employees and IT personnel. Instead of focusing on more pressing matters, they have to do manual backups and file maintenance. 

As mentioned earlier, cloud backup systems can be automated. This means that employees and IT personnel do not have to worry about manual work for files and data. This frees up their time to attend to more important tasks.

Tiered Costing

Most service providers offer tiered costing for their cloud services. What this means is that companies only pay for what they actually need. This also allows for better scalability of the service as well.

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