Cloud Data Backup Minneapolis Advantages

Data today powers different aspects of the business from operations to decision making. There are companies that require specific customer data to provide their service or products. Then there are business campaigns that aim to collect specific data so that they can make better decisions. Simply put, data today has become so vital to businesses that they cannot afford to lose them. As a matter of fact, statistics show that 29% of companies that suffer data loss also lose revenue. This is why cloud data backup Minneapolis is an important service for any company in the state.

The Risk of Data Loss

There are many risks that can be minimized or completely avoided using the right cloud data backup Minneapolis. Take for example a company that sells products online. When a customer places an order, the company would need at the very least their delivery address. More often than not they would also ask for a name, contact details, and most of the time payment is done online as well.

All of these data are important for the e-commerce website to deliver their service. Losing this means they cannot do their jobs.

On top of that, all of these data collected are considered personally identifiable information or PII. This is very sensitive and customers provide that to companies that trust them with that data. If the company loses the data, they lose their customer’s trust. If this becomes public, and in the age of social media, it will become public, it could become a scandal.

Cloud Data Backup Minneapolis

Having cloud data backup Minneapolis can greatly help businesses reduce the risk of losing the important and sensitive data that they have.

Why Use Cloud Data Backup Minneapolis

While there are different ways to backup data, there are so many advantages in using cloud data backup Minneapolis instead.


When it comes to cloud backup solutions, they have been made to be user-friendly and simple to use. Learning how to manage the different settings and features should be easy. Restoring specific data takes a few clicks of the mouse.

This is an important advantage so that employees would actually use them. If it takes a while to learn and train on new software, people tend to give up. By making things as simple as possible, there’s a greater chance that they will actually use the system.

Automated Backup

In data and file management, tasks become very tedious. Having to copy files from one hard drive to another takes time and effort. More often than not, employees will not prioritize this so they either forget to do them or they get buried with other tasks. This is not the case with cloud data backup Minneapolis.

The system of cloud backup solutions provide several settings and one of these is when the backup should happen. Basically, users are able to set a specific time interval when the system would automatically backup their data.

That’s not all. Some systems are sophisticated enough that users can input several variables on what to backup. For example, they can set the system to backup all files that were updated on that day every 6:00 pm.

Offsite Backup

Another important advantage of cloud-based solutions is the fact that the files and data are backed up on an offsite location. In case a natural disaster strikes such as a storm, flooding, or fire happens in an office, all of their computers and backups are destroyed. By backing up to the cloud, the data are kept safe in a different location.

Affordable Cost

For business owners and decision-makers, it just makes sense to look for the solution that provides the most for their money. It’s not about the actual price, but getting their money’s worth. With cloud data backup Minneapolis, the cost is very affordable. More importantly, it’s worth every dime.

Keeping data safe is important, there is no doubt about that. With that, you would want to partner with a company that is reliable and has a track record of delivering top-of-the-line tech solutions. And that company is Zero 1 Zero Innovations. If you want to learn more about our services, you can contact us today at (612) 200-3139 or send us an email through

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