Understanding the Advantages of Cheap Web Hosting Services West St. Paul

In today’s internet age, local companies in West St. Paul, and even around the world for that matter, need to have a solid presence online. People can connect to the internet at any time nowadays with their smartphones and tablet computers. Having a website is a big step in creating a digital dialogue with consumers. It allows the company to have their own store, their own office, or their own space on the internet. And it all starts with cheap web hosting services West St. Paul.

What is a Web Hosting Service?

Cheap web hosting services West St. Paul is offered by different service providers all across the state. This is a specific service that allows people and businesses to put up a website on the internet.

A website is built on a computer and viewed on a computer. For that site to be available to other computers, it has to be connected to them via the internet. That’s what a web host does, to connect a website to the internet. Without it, no one will ever know that site ever exists.
Anyone can put up a web host. But a lot of effort and money goes into achieving that. It requires a significant knowledge in building computers and maintaining servers. Then, they would have to invest in the right hardware and software.

Cheap Web Hosting Services West St. Paul

Fortunately for business owners, they can rely on service providers that offer cheap web hosting services West St. Paul. They’ve basically done that part already; they have invested in the hardware and software and they have the right people to manage and maintain the entire system. Businesses can then rent space inside these servers so they can put up their website.

Advantages of Cheap Web Hosting Services West St. Paul

Affordable Hosting Plans

The most obvious advantage of cheap web hosting services West St. Paul is the fact that it is a lot more affordable as compared to putting up their own server. It’s a lot simpler too.

The reason why this is a lot more affordable is because there are several clients sharing in a single server. Yes, their servers are powerful enough to provide resources to several websites. However, they have to share.

While this is not an ideal setup for big online projects, shared servers are actually very popular because they are capable of handling most types of websites. Corporate websites that just use a few images and videos with a contact form, blog websites, and even very small ecommerce websites can be handled by cheap web hosting services West St. Paul.

Best of all, this is a scalable solution as well. When the time comes that the business’ website needs more resources, there are higher tiered plans that can provide that.

Reliable Solution

One of the most important things about a web hosting service is their reliability. They should be able to keep websites up online as much as possible. At least 99% of the time should be the benchmark.

The other 1% is reserved for instances that the service provider needs to conduct maintenance work on the server such as updating the OS. The best cheap web hosting services West St. Paul normally schedules these types of work to happen during off-peak hours or times where there’s less traffic.


This should be a concern for every website. They wouldn’t want anyone else to gain access to the files and data of their website. If that happens, they can undo years of hard work. This is why service providers offer various security measures against these types of attacks such as security audits, spam filtering, virus scanning and malware detection to name a few. They also see to it that all operating systems and applications are up to date to patch vulnerabilities.

If you are looking for a service provider for cheap web hosting services West St. Paul, Zero 1 Zero Innovations can offer you secure and reliable hosting solutions. If you are interested, contact us today by calling 612 200-3139 or sending an email to info@010innovations.com.

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