The Different Types of Cheap Web Hosting Services Minnetonka

Technology has evolved and provided businesses with new and clever ways to interact with their customers and target audience. One of these new ways is through a website. This is basically their space on the internet which they completely own and can customize. Using a website, businesses can sell their products, promote their services, and basically do anything they want. But before they can do any of that, they will need cheap web hosting services Minnetonka

What is a Website Host?

Before a website is able to go online, it needs a web host. This is a computer that’s designed to house all the data and files associated with the website. It would then provide the connectivity between these files and the internet, making it available for users online.Essentially, the website is the store of the company. The domain name is the address of that store. Then, cheap web hosting services Minnetonka connects that address to the road where people travel.

Now building a website host can be complicated, and not to mention very expensive. You will need to purchase the hardware and software to build the server. On top of that, you will need to know or hire someone who has the technical capabilities to run the server.

In other words, building a server is not practical for most companies. This is why cheap web hosting services Minnetonka can be very helpful.

Cheap Web Hosting Services Minnetonka

There are service providers who already have powerful servers ready and they offer them for rent in different ways.

Types of Website Hosting

Shared Website Hosting

Probably the most popular type of cheap web hosting services Minnetonka is through a shared hosting. What this means is that there is a single computer server that houses multiple websites and accounts. All of these websites would basically share the resources of this single server such as memory, bandwidth, and of course, storage. 

While it does not sound appealing to share with others, this became popular because it is a cost effective solution. Most websites do not need the full power or resources of their own server anyway. This is true for corporate websites that simply have a few web pages and a contact form as the main functionality. This is also enough to host a blog as well.

Affordable and simple, shared cheap web hosting services Minnetonka is a great choice for businesses who are just starting with their online aspirations.

Think of a shared hosting as renting a room in a building.

Dedicated Website Hosting

But for businesses with big plans with their website, a dedicated website hosting plan may be more ideal. 

With a dedicated hosting, a website gets all of the resources of the server. It has no other sites or accounts to share with. And because there is no one else there, you are offered full control and customization capabilities of the entire server. This is important for certain features and functionalities of a website. Especially those which can be complex.

Think of a dedicated hosting plan as renting an entire building.

Virtual Private Server or VPS

Then there’s the in-betweener cheap web hosting services Minnetonka. Able to provide the customization of a dedicated hosting plan while keeping the cost low similar to shared hosting; VPS is a system installed in a single server. It has the capability of creating multiple instances of a server environment inside the same machine. What this means is that websites can have their own virtual server which they can completely control and customize. But, since they are still in a single machine, the cost is considerably lower. 

The VPS hosting is becoming more and more popular because it only costs a bit more than a shared hosting plan but it provides a lot more options.

Think of this as renting an entire floor of a building.

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