The Types of Cheap VOIP Service Woodbury

Being able to communicate is a key factor for companies in order to achieve their goals. Employees need to be able to contact each other. Customers need an avenue to communicate with the company. And they need a channel to communicate with vendors and partners. This is why it is important for an organization to invest in the right types of communication systems. An example of this is cheap VOIP service Woodbury.

Cheap VoIP Service Woodbury


VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol has fast become a go to communication channel. Basically what it does is allow users to make phone calls over the internet. This makes it a lot more affordable and provides opportunities for new features and functionalities like never before.

But the trick with cheap VOIP service Woodbury is to choose the right type. There are several types available today, each designed for specific situations. They have their own pros and cons and the best one for your organization depends on your own requirements.

It is recommended first for business owners and decision makers to understand what they need out of VOIP services. Next, they should learn about their options.

Business Cloud VOIP System

Probably the most advanced system when it comes to cheap VOIP service Woodbury. The cloud has created so many opportunities and advancements for technology. What this does is run the software for VOIP on the cloud and users can access them using their personalized accounts through web portals.

The main advantage of this system is that there’s no need to purchase new hardware or go through complicated setup procedures. All the company has to do is sign up with the provider, let them know how many accounts they need, and they will do the rest.

This setup is perfect for large organizations who require complex solutions for their communication requirements.

Residential VOIP System

If the previous system is designed for large organizations, this one is actually designed for homes with just one phone in mind. But, a case can be made that this cheap VOIP service Woodbury can work for small retailers and companies. A store would usually have just one phone anyway, same as with restaurants. This might be a better option for them rather than a complex VOIP system.

A residential VOIP system is installed by using an adapter to connect the handset phone to the Wi-Fi modem. This gives it access to the internet and allows it to make calls through here.

There are two common types of accounts when it comes to residential VOIP. First is an unlimited account where users can call all they want and pay a fixed price every month. The other is paying for the actual minutes used to call.

Software VOIP System

This is quite similar to a business cloud system. The main difference is the fact that the VOIP software is installed on the actual computer the user uses instead of the cloud. 

This is perhaps the most popular type of VOIP service today since it also makes use of hardware already in the office. Employees would have computers already and this requires just installing the software into them.

Mobile VOIP System 

Very similar to software, but instead of a computer, the application is installed into a mobile phone or device. This provides great flexibility for users in terms of location. Essentially, they can access and make phone calls through the VOIP system anywhere they are as long as an internet connection is available. And being installed in mobile phones provides them the ability to use their phone’s data plan instead.

This system is perfect for companies with a lot of employees on the go.

VOIP System Provider 

At Zero 1 Zero Innovations, we help our clients from understanding the various cheap VOIP service Woodbury systems available to implementing and maintaining it for them. If you are interested in using VOIP in your office, you can contact us at (612) 268-6626 or send us an email at today.

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