5 Features of Cheap VOIP Service Edina

More and more business owners in around Minnesota and even the entire country are realizing that VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, offers a cheaper alternative to having direct phone lines for each employee. It costs less to install, it costs less to maintain, and every call made costs less as well. This is why more and more businesses are going with cheap VOIP service Edina. Not only does this service provide a cost effective communication solution, it also offers several features and functionalities that can help with business productivity.

Features of Cheap VOIP Service Edina

Features and functionalities that come with cheap VOIP service Edina are specifically designed to help users to be more productive in the office. While some of these features are available with traditional phone lines, they usually cost extra. VOIP services are able to include these in their plans and packages.


Most small businesses, and even some medium sized enterprises, do not operate 24 hours a day or have an employee available to answer phone calls. This can lead to missed opportunities and important messages getting lost. This is why it is important to create a feature in order to capture these, which is what voicemail services offer.

The voicemail feature of cheap VOIP service Edina plays a recorded message to the caller during closed hours of the office telling them to leave a message instead. Once it records the message, the software then automatically converts the audio to text and sends it via email to the supposed receiver or the owner of the phone line called.

Cheap VoIP Service Edina

Call Forwarding

While the previous feature is designed for instances wherein the recipient is not at work, call forwarding is for employees who are working but in a different location.For example, if the employee is temporarily relocated to another office, he or she can set the cheap VOIP service Edina to automatically forward all calls to their temporary office.

Another instance where this can be very useful is for when someone is on a vacation or on a holiday. They can set their phones to forward any and all calls to their colleague who’s taking over his or her duties in the meantime.

Call Recording

The ability to record calls can be invaluable to a lot of companies which is why cheap VOIP service Edina offer this as part of their features. For business owners and managers, they can use this feature to record calls made by their employees or received by them from customers to analyze their performance.

Call recording is also applicable for important calls. Users can record the conversation and concentrate on it rather than taking notes. This can automatically serve as the minutes of the meeting.

Automated Attendant

A lot of time can be wasted because of wrong numbers. Someone calls up a department number in the office and they are actually looking for a different department. The receiver will have to spend time in forwarding the call. This is why cheap VOIP service Edina can offer an automated attendant feature.

Basically what an automated attendant does is screen all calls coming into the office. It would then ask a series of predesignated questions which the caller can answer using their phone’s number pad. Based on their answers, the call would then be transferred to the right department.

This can also be used to provide pre-call information to receivers of what the call is about even before they answer.

Conference Calls

One of the most important, most popular, and most used features of VOIP services is the ability to do conference calls. It allows for multiple people, in multiple locations, to join in a single call. What this means is that teams can have meetings even if they aren’t in the same office as long as they have a good and stable internet connection.

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