Why Companies are Changing to Business VOIP Service Minnetonka?

Is it time for a change in your company? A change that will help save costs while increasing productivity, collaboration, and efficiency? More and more companies in Minnetonka are switching over to VOIP services in the last few years and it is easy to see why. Basically, business VOIP service Minnetonka can provide organizations with what they need in terms of communication and many more.

What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP is a technology that can translate analog audio signals into digital packets. In the past, analog signals were carried over from the source to the receiver via dedicated phone lines. Because they are converted to digital packets, they can now be transferred through the internet much like other forms of data.

Because of this, business VOIP service Minnetonka have inherent advantages.

Advantages of VOIP

It Cuts Costs

The first and main advantage of VOIP over traditional phone services is the cost. Business plans for calling other people are lower per minute when using VOIP. At the same time, they have the same cost when calling someone from out of state or out of country as a regular internet call which means there are no surcharges when you need to connect with someone in another place.

Another way that business VOIP service Minnetonka cuts costs is with infrastructure. Since the phones can now be connected to the internet, there is no need to place dedicated phone lines anymore which can be a huge saving for companies.

Business VoIP Service Minnetonka

Equipment used by VOIP are the same as normal phones. But there are other options as well which can save the company money. Devices such as laptops, desktops, and even smart phones that connect to the internet can access and use VOIP as well which means there is a lot of flexibility to save money.


Today’s business environment has several people needing to travel a lot. This means they need to take their phones with them; and that’s exactly what business VOIP service Minnetonka can offer. They are no longer tied to their phone lines since their numbers are completely portable.

A person can use the same number whether he or she is in Minnetonka, in St. Paul, or halfway across the globe. This provides an easy and efficient communication channel wherever they may be.

Ability to Take Multiple Calls

In an organization with people located in different places, the ability to continue doing meetings is valuable. With business VOIP service Minnetonka, they can do multiple calls at the same time which is called a conference call. Everyone can join in as long as they have access to the internet and use the right device. This is great when it comes to collaborating and ensuring everyone is on the same page even if they are thousands of miles away from each other.

The ability to do conference calls is one of the top reasons why employees appreciate using VOIP instead of traditional phones.


Every company wants to grow or at least aims to grow their business. This can incur more people which means they need more phones in workstations. The plans and pricing models of business VOIP service Minnetonka provides flexibility to easily scale up or down.

For example, if the company needs to add 2 new users, they can simply contact the provider and add that to the business plan. This can then be activated almost in an instant. Scaling has never been easier.

Improved Privacy

With the help of business VOIP service Minnetonka, executives and employees no longer must hand out their direct numbers to everyone. They can have a common number which people will call and it will be directed to the right person using automated systems. This provides them with better privacy through call screening.

Changing to Business VOIP Service Minnetonka

Zero 1 Zero Innovations is a business VOIP service Minnetonka provider that has the experience, the skill, and the right equipment to provide your company with the best calling service. We offer tiered pricing and reliable solutions. If you want to learn more about our VOIP service, you can contact us today at 612 268-6626 or send us an email at info@010innovations.com.

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