Why Companies are Turning to the Best VOIP Service Minnetonka?

Most companies all over Minnetonka and even the world have realized the usefulness of VOIP. This is a new technology that means voice over internet phone, and it does exactly that. It allows people to contact one another through internet lines rather than traditional phone lines. There are many benefits to this which is why companies have turned to the best VOIP service Minnetonka in order to incorporate this technology into their office.

VOIP has many advantages over traditional phone lines. This includes:


When it comes right down to it, the best VOIP service Minnetonka offers better deals as compared to traditional phone companies. One of the main reasons for this is that it can use an existing internet connection rather than having a separate line dedicated to phone functions along with additional hardware.

What this means is that a company can simply opt to have an internet connection plan with their provider. They can forgo telephone wires which can be a drastic cost reduction for any business.

At the same time, features and functionalities of the best VOIP service Minnetonka provide more ways to save money as well. Overall, it helps make communication more efficient which leads to cost savings for the company as well.

Best VOIP Service Minnetonka

Features of the Best VOIP Service Minnetonka

Users look forward to the many features of using the best VOIP service Minnetonka. This includes:

Call Conferencing

Probably the most popular feature in any VOIP service, call conferencing is useful for any team out there especially those who are in different areas. For example, if the main team is based in Minnetonka and there are team members in Eden Prairie, then the client is in St. Paul, having a meeting with everyone won’t be a problem with VOIP. Everyone can jump in on the same call with their preferred device: a phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, whatever is supported by the service.

No matter where and when, teammates can jump on a conference call using the best VOIP service Minnetonka in order to collaborate and plan on how they will achieve their goals.

Automatic Attendant

Wrong numbers can eat up a lot of an employee’s time. For example, if Bob works in accounting. However, his phone keeps ringing since customers are calling about a question on their product or service. Of course, this is best answered by people in Sales. Bob would now have to manually transfer the call to that department. While this may take 10 to 15 seconds, it can pile up with many calls over the weeks. An automatic attendant ends this problem.

What an automatic attendant does is query the caller on the reason for their call and they can answer with their phone’s number pad. In this way, their call will be directed immediately to the right people instead of having to do this manually.

Call Management

The best VOIP service Minnetonka offers a lot of call management initiatives. Voicemail is a popular one which allows callers to leave a message to the recipient. The recipient can listen to this later. There is even an option to have voicemails sent to the recipient via email as well so that they can be alerted wherever they may be.

Call forwarding is a great feature for employees who are on the go. Basically, what this does is allow calls to be forwarded to a phone of the user’s choice. If they will be away from their office, they can set calls to be forwarded to where they would be or to their mobile phones. This can also be useful if they are taking a vacation as they can automatically forward calls to the next person who can cover for the original user.

Hiring the Best VOIP Service Minnetonka

When it comes to the best VOIP service Minnetonka, you don’t have to look any further. At Zero 1 Zero Innovations, we offer top of the line VOIP services that can help you and your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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