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VOIP is the short version of voice over internet phone. This literally means having phone services go through the internet line. This technology can convert analogue signals used by phones and convert them into IP packets which can then be transferred digitally to the receiver. This is a more efficient way of communicating. Over the years, Eden Prairie businesses along with companies all over the state and the country have been transitioning from traditional phone services to the best VOIP service Eden Prairie. The question is, why?

More Affordable Costs for Communication

Cutting down cost while being more efficient, that’s a quick business decision to make; and this is exactly what the best VOIP service Eden Prairie offers its customers. It can provide the basic services of a regular phone at a lower cost. There are a variety of things that cut down the overall cost of VOIP such as not having to build new infrastructure. At the same time, VOIP can use the current internet line of the company therefore eliminating the need to create another line for phones.
The hardware and software needed in order to maintain and operate VOIP is also more affordable. It does not cost a fortune in order to set up the best VOIP service Eden Prairie. As a matter of fact, most systems require little to no installation at all and can manage with current equipment in place.
Best VOIP Service Eden Prairie

Speaking of hardware, companies that opt to use VOIP through a computer will need to have a sound card installed in those computers which most modern desktop and laptops already have. Microphones and speakers are also needed but again, most modern equipment already has these.

And on top of being affordable, VOIP services can offer a lot more compared to traditional phone services.

Features of the Best VOIP Service Eden Prairie

As mentioned earlier, the best VOIP service Eden Prairie has a lot more to offer as compared to traditional systems. These features were created with the user in mind. The end goal is to provide different tools at their disposal in order to make their tasks easier. Some examples of these features are:

Sending and Receiving Files

Communication and collaboration is more than simply talking to one another, employees need the ability to share their work as well so they can have it checked and others can contribute. VOIP services can allow the sharing of files over their system which makes it a lot easier to collaborate with each other.

Conference Calls

At the same time, communication isn’t always between just two people. More than two employees can be involved in a project. Conference calls allow everyone to talk with each other at the same time even if they are in different offices or areas of the office. This saves a lot of time and money to get people together.

Other Phone Features

The best VOIP service Eden Prairie also offers a variety of other features when it comes to messaging. For example, if the user is away from the phone, they can turn on features such as voicemails which allows the caller to leave a message. This message can then be listened to by the receiver or it can even be sent via email so that they are alerted immediately by the presence of a message.

Caller ID and call waiting are great features in order to manage calls easily. The software and hardware would also be able to save certain contact information which makes it easy for employees to call someone else without memorizing long numbers. Other features include:

● Call forwarding
● Call blocking
● Fax capabilities
● 411 directory
● Last number redial

When it comes to the best VOIP service Eden Prairie, Zero1Zero Innovations can offer all these features and many more. We can provide on the ground services from installation to maintenance of the entire system. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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