Best VOIP Service Bloomington

In business, communication is key. It takes a team of dedicated people being able to work together in order to achieve the goals of a company. With that in mind, employees need a way to communicate with each other in different locations. This makes the telephone an indispensable tool. But a common phone will no longer do. Companies in Bloomington need something more than a telephone which only allows calls between two people. Fortunately, the best VOIP service Bloomington has more than just calling capabilities to offer companies.
Best VOIP Service Bloomington

6 Features of the Best VOIP Service Bloomington

1. Busy Lamp

Yes, it may just be a light but it is a light that can do so much. This feature turns on so that it lets others know that the user is in a call without having to ask them directly. It can save a lot of time in certain situations. For example, if one employee wants to know if another is busy or not, the light emitted by the busy lamp can answer that immediately. This also works if for example one employee wants to transfer a call. He/she can simply look up to whom the call should be transferred and if the light is off, then it means that person can take it.

2. Hoteling Features

The best VOIP service Bloomington can support the modern working lifestyle of being on the go. Doctors can go from one clinic to another, lawyers are in different offices every day, decision makers are barely in their own office, and employees have the benefit of working almost in any place they want. This is the modern culture which can make contacting or finding someone via phone difficult. This is where hoteling features come in. This includes:
1. Voicemail – so you can let others know how or where to contact you. At the same time, it allows callers to leave a message on the phone number which would then be sent to the users email.
2. Call redirect – this feature automatically connects the caller to the current phone line the user is at. It can be a mobile phone or a different phone office number.

3. Conference Calls

Probably one of the most used features from the best VOIP service Bloomington is the conference call. This allows more than two people to join in on a call at the same time. This is perfect for teams located in different offices or even different countries. They can have a meeting altogether as if they were all in the same room. Because of this feature, teams can coordinate and communicate wherever they may be.

4. Distinct Ringtones

A time saver for almost anyone using the best VOIP service Bloomington. The distinct ringtone feature allows the user to assign specific ringtones to different phone numbers inside the phone’s contact list so that they immediately know who is calling without looking up the phone’s screen. For example, they can assign everyone from Accounting a distinct ringtone different from employees at Marketing. This is a great way to organize calls.

5. Do not Disturb

If the busy lamp indicates to others that the user is currently on a call, the do not disturb feature is used so that the person cannot be called. This is useful for times that the user needs to concentrate on a specific task and cannot be bothered to take any calls. The do not disturb feature would turn off the ringtone and at the same time, can be set to provide automated messages to callers to leave a voicemail instead.

6. Recording Calls

Another very useful feature of the best VOIP service Bloomington is the ability to record calls. This is perfect for meetings; it removes the need to take notes during a call which can hinder the thought process of people in the call. At the same time, this can be used by people in the call center industry so that they can record and learn from certain calls.

If you are looking for the best VOIP service Bloomington, look no further. We at Zero 1 Zero Innovations are working hard to provide the best communication services for companies in Bloomington and all over Minnesota. Call us today to learn more on how we can help your business.

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